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The Power of Self-Awareness at Work

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Have you ever found a coworker so irritating that you immediately disagree with every idea they have? If you lead people, do you ever feel nobody is willing to give you feedback because of your experience and power? Have you ever made a decision while you were upset and later regretted it?

Self-awareness is the ability to monitor our inner and external world. When a person is self-aware, they understand their internal experience and it’s external impact on others. Self-aware people tend to show up more confident, with empathy and have high success rates. Having a clear understanding of yourself in the workplace will allow you to significantly impact your company and those around you.

Being Self-aware:

  • Uncovers your blind spots

  • Makes you aware of actions, emotions and biases as they are happening

  • Helps you make better decisions

There are many ways to develop greater self-awareness, and here are three of our favorites:

1. Actively seek honest feedback - Ask your coworkers, boss, friends or anyone you trust to let you know how you are doing. Asking them what your strengths and weaknesses are can be significant insight into your blind spots and help you grow as a leader.

2. Start a mindfulness practice - Add yoga, meditation, or anything that helps you improve your presence. When mindfulness is practiced, behavior becomes more intentional, and you become more aware of yourself. The more you practice, the easier it will become in stressful work situations.

3. Develop a self-reflection habit - At the end of the day, a project, a class or even a meeting, take time to assess how it went. Reflecting right after the event can help you identify your emotional triggers and reactions, other people’s responses to you and what you can do differently next time.

Although most human beings are not very adept at self-awareness, it can be developed and practiced. It brings more self confidence, self worth and is the golden ticket to being a great leader.


Want to learn more? Check out this Tedtalk to increase awareness with a simple fix or listen to this podcast that uses psychology to look at achievement, awareness, and success.

This blog was inspired by: article by Kelly Miller

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