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Don't Delegate - It's Easier To Do It Yourself

It sometimes is easier to just "do it yourself”, but you will never be able to do it all and grow in your career, so practice delegating.

As an emerging leader, you are most likely doing your regular job plus motivating, providing feedback, fixing issues, handling customer problems, training, and being empathetic, plus, plus, plus.

By taking the time to delegate responsibilities, your teammates will grow and become more successful, and you will actually save time in the long run.

The greatest contribution of a leader is to make other leaders. Simon Sinek

Here are some practical strategies to work on this week. This takes practice, so be patient with yourself and with those to whom you are delegating:

  1. Identify tasks and responsibilities that you should and can delegate. Yes, delegating anything that is repetitive or time consuming makes sense, but also hand off minor decision-making, and things that take brain work.

  2. Don’t delegate evaluations or issues that relate to salaries, discipline, or other highly personal matters.

  3. Put some thought into the best team member for the job. If you have someone who doesn’t like doing research and you off-load a detailed research project without any guidance, you’re setting that person up for failure and you’ll end up doing it yourself.

  4. Train the person and discuss any questions. Time invested discussing what needs to be done, clarifying responsibilities and authority will help you ensure that it’s done well.

  5. Schedule check-in dates and times along the way so you can provide any redirection and feedback as well as answer questions. Continually state your confidence in the person to take on the challenge.

  6. Praise the heck out of them when they do something new and don’t forget to be specific in your praise. Say “You finished that report before it was due, it was thorough and complete and you made our department shine.” vs “Great job on that report.”

By delegating responsibility to your teammates, you will be known as the boss who challenges their employees and who helps grow other leaders.

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