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Are You Putting Off Your 1:1 Coaching Sessions?

This article from CloserIQ states that "Many sales leaders simply don't know how to run a coaching meeting effectively." While this article is focused on sales associates, the information can be used in any setting. Here are my takeaways:

1. Schedule regular meetings and stick to the schedule. Whether it’s weekly, monthly or quarterly, get it on your calendars and make it happen. Unless it’s an extreme emergency, do not cancel the one-on-one as it sends a message to your team member that they are not valued.

2. Make the sessions about growth, not simply job evaluation. Ask questions and solve problems together that makes the team member look forward to the time together. It’s OK to give feedback, but do it from a coaching standpoint. Relax and really get to know each other.

3. Use a planned structure for your time. They can be as short as 15 minutes if you’re meeting weekly, to an hour if you’re meeting monthly or quarterly. Include:

  • Overview of current project that needs your assistance

  • Brainstorm solutions to problems

  • Review of goals and action items towards those goals

  • Recap and review of next steps

4. Be fully present. Stash the phone, don’t allow interruptions and take good notes. In short, make sure they know you’re listening. Ask good questions, and encourage their new ideas.

Let your team members know you value them. Be specific. “You’re doing a good job” is not motivating. “I appreciate you challenging the status quo and coming up with that idea that reduced our costs by 20%. Thank you for doing that. It helped us reach our goals,” is motivating.

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