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How To Save an Employee Who is Burned Out

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

You just got your team in order, hired and trained a new person, things are going well and one of your best employees comes to you to say she’s burned out and is thinking about quitting. Here are a few strategies that might help her, and other employees, who are on the edge:

Insist On Time Off - We have to quit applauding people who don’t take time off. If we don’t insist that employees take mental health days and real vacations, we will lose them. “Off” means unplugged, no emails, no texting. As a leader in your organization, you have to model this behavior.

Make Sure They Know Their Purpose - Show them what they do matters. Share the big picture with all of your team members. Let them know your organization’s mission and most importantly, how their work contributes to the overall success of your company.

Consider Alternative Responsibilities - Maybe they’re bored with their work. Delegate some of your responsibilities to them. Look at other functions within your department that might be suited to their skills. Here are our blogs on Delegating.

Identify What They Love - Ask questions to find out if they have balance in their lives. Discuss what activities they like to do besides work. Help them make sure they have time to get out and enjoy other passions.

If you have a few more minutes in your day, check out this podcast and a great article on the subject of burnout:

Podcast - Awesome at Your Job - 309: Preventing Burnout in Yourself and Your Whole Organization with PwC's Karlo Siriban and Anne Donovan (You can listen to this in your car or during your run at lunch.)

Or read this quick article from Forbes.

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