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3 Tips to Encourage People to Read Your Emails

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

Have you ever read an email and not understood what the person was asking you to do? You then spent time reading it again to get the meaning, gave up, then left it in your inbox, or even deleted it.

Here are three practical tips to help you and your colleagues write clearly and succinctly, so people will read and understand what you're conveying:

1. Use Human-Speak: New leaders often feel like they must be overly professional and use jargon that not everyone understands. We get that you must use technical terms or in-house language at times, but don’t over-do it just to make yourself look smart.

2. Think About Your Audience: This is critical for both internal and external communication. When you proof your email, put yourself in that person's place. Is your tone appropriate? Are you providing the right amount of detail or are you rambling? If she only reads the first two lines, will she understand your message?

3. Eliminate Unnecessary Words: When proofing your email, eliminate words like the ones below and then determine how clearly it comes across:

  • That

  • Literally

  • Just

  • Really

  • Very

  • Some

While you’re in editing mode, go light on the exclamation marks. Save them for when you're saying something important, like “Always proof your emails before you hit the send button!

Most importantly, be authentic. Write the way you talk to people by being thoughtful, sincere, and positive. You'll get a better a response rate from your teammates.


I was motivated to write this blog after listening to this How To Be Awesome at Your Job podcast with Erica Mandy from The Newsworthy.

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