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5 Ways to Be a Better Boss (Definitely Try This At Home)

If you are going to be a great boss, you must care for yourself first. There is no way you can be patient, thoughtful, creative and a great communicator if you are stressed out and feel terrible. Take these small steps to see big benefits:

1. Sleep – Do not brag about how you can do well on 5 hours a night. No one can! This article from the Hult International Business School states that 72% of managers noted difficulty concentrating on tasks because of lack of sleep. Head to bed just 15 minutes earlier tonight and add 15 minutes each week until you get around 7-8 hours each night.

2. Eat – When you consume garbage, you’ll feel and look like garbage. So if you want to grow in your job and get noticed, cut the crap out of your diet. Load up on vegetables and lean meats and go slow on everything else. This article from NBC News has quick tips and tricks to help you out, including ridding yourself of that mid-afternoon slump.

3. Hydrate – If you’re recovering from a hangover on Monday and loading up on 5 cups of coffee in the morning, you will not be able to motivate anyone around you. Alcohol in moderation is fine, but keep the partying to Friday and Saturday nights. And if your hands are shaking my 9am, consider going to decaf after that first cup of Bulletproof Coffee . While you’re at it, drink lots of water, and cut out soda pop. This article from Bloomberg touts the importance of hydration to reduce workplace accidents.

4. Move – You might be the person who can get up at 4:30am and hit the gym. If not, just move! Go on a quick walk, take the stairs instead of the elevator, go to an evening yoga class, or run at lunch. You’ll clear your head and de-stress. This article from Money News details how staying fit can help you get that promotion you are going after.

5. Unplug - Take a day away from your phone and computer or any anything that makes your brain buzz. No social media, no email, no news. That means filling your day with other activities like skiing, biking, walking your dog, gardening, cooking healthy food, reading a book or an article, visiting a friend, journaling, and napping.

As a leader, you’re setting an example for your teammates, and have to be on your game every day to hit your goals and continue to grow as a leader.

Try one of these strategies per week and see big changes in just one month!

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