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8 Steps to Making Change Easier on Everyone

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

No matter what your title is, you can be the leader to increase acceptance of change. The first step is to understand where people are coming from and put everything into perspective. They might have the fear of the unknown, a lack of trust, or just a habit. Here are 8 ways to overcome obstacles and help lead the change.

  1. IDENTIFY THE WHY - Communicate to your teammates on WHY changes are being made. If you don’t know that big WHY, ask upper management to message the WHY for you. Simon Sinek says ‘those who know WHAT they do tend to work harder. Those who know WHY tend to work smarter.”

  2. INVOLVE your team in the implementation of the change. This engages employees, which can help win commitment.

  3. COMMUNICATE - Use different mediums for communication; don’t just send an email and call it done. Consider one-on-ones and group discussions so you can answer questions.

  4. CREATE DESIRE - Help create a desire for the change. Talk about the benefits. Answer their questions. Make sure upper management gives you the tools you need to create that desire for change.

  5. BE TRUTHFUL - Don’t hide the tough stuff. Sometimes change will take more work at first, so be open and transparent.

  6. EMPATHIZE - There might be valid concerns. It’s not that people don’t like change; they oftentimes don’t like the unknown. Empathize and address their concerns.

  7. TRAIN - Provide the tools, training, and ongoing coaching they need to learn and practice.

  8. REINFORCE their behavior. Provide positive feedback when they say something positive about the change and when they get it right.

Not all people change at the same pace. One person might get it and move ahead swiftly, and others might take more training and feedback. One of the most important things to keep in mind through a transition such as this is to be patient.

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