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How to Get Promoted During Turbulent Times

The thought of getting a promotion or even making a lateral move might seem impossible right now. So we challenge each of our readers to do these four things to help you progress in your career AND help your company grow and thrive. Don’t wait for your boss or business owner to come to you. Take the initiative to make things happen right now!

  1. Set and communicate growth goals with your boss - Your goals don’t have to be 10 years out, but talk about where you want to be in the next year or two. Then put together a plan that has specific measurable steps to get you there. That might include taking a course, learning a new skill on-the-job on, and/or taking on new responsibilities. Take the initiative to grow and don’t be afraid to make mistakes along the way.

  2. Understand your company’s goals - Talk to your boss about the results your company needs to achieve. Then identify what you and your team need to do to help achieve those goals. That might mean figuring out a way to make the customer experience better. Or increasing sales or and market share. Coming up with new ideas means you might be wrong several times before a new idea sticks.

  3. Act on your company’s values - If you don’t know what your company values are, ask. Then align your work with those values. If collaboration is part of the value system, then come up with things that support and motivate your team. Is there a value that relates to innovation and creativity? Then throw out ideas for new products or services, or new ways to be more efficient.

  4. Do more than you’re getting paid for - If you want to just keep your job then just do your job. If you want to grow and learn new things, then do more than just your job. Speak up when you have a new idea. It’s not just about doing activities every day, it’s about getting the most important work done every day. Write down those important things that need to get done and make them happen.

This is a tough time for many people. Be patient, be positive and support your team members, including your boss, so everyone can not just survive, but thrive.

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