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Micromanaging Puts You at the Top of the List

This LinkedIn article from author Brigette Hyacinth puts "micromanaging" at the top of the list of Worst Bad Boss Behaviors. So, if you'd rather be at the top of the Best Boss list, read on. Even if you think you aren't that person, here are a few signs in articles from The Balance - Management and Entrepreneur along with our fixes that will help you today:

You become the bottleneck -

This is a big one. Everyone is waiting for your approval before they can go forward. Let your employees make decisions and make mistakes. Small failures are good for your employees and they end up learning more in the long run.

The Fix - Our blog, Help Develop Employees or Lose Them, is worth the extra two-minute read.

You’re afraid of losing control -

Not that you’re a control freak, but you want to make sure it’s done to your high standards, so you want to stay involved every step of the way to make sure it’s done perfectly. Your team members have skills and new ideas that could make things better.

The fix - Practice delegating. Here are our blogs on delegating.

You don’t want to look bad to your boss -

As an emerging leader, you want to show that you're up to the task, so your team's results must be perfect. I get that, but your employees will disengage if you don’t listen to them and include their input.

The fix - Here are our blogs on employee engagement.

Micromanaging makes your people feel like you don’t trust them, it actually takes more time, and makes your team frustrated and it slows down the growth of your business. Providing meaningful, important work to your employees and coaching them along the way will ensure you keep them engaged and on your team.

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