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Hard Truths About Becoming a Manager (Part 2)

As a leader, you have the opportunity to create a supportive culture and help your team members and the organization grow. Be willing to learn the coaching skills needed to lead people.

Here are some more tough truths that go along with the job, continued from last week’s blog:

5. Things Go Wrong - Take All the Blame: You are the bridge from your team to upper management and other parts of the company. Be willing to have your team’s back. Things don’t always work out and when they don’t, the fingers point to you. This can be hard emotionally, but never ever blame your teammates. Use this as an opportunity to reflect and grow.

6. Shit Happens - Self-Regulate: Your team members are always looking to you as the role model, so how you handle tough situations is critical. If there is a budget cut, instead of complaining and expressing frustration through body language and tone, remain calm and positive when presenting the information. People take emotional cues from their leaders, so it is important you remain in control.

7. Deal With the Tough Stuff Head-On: Giving negative feedback, conducting performance reviews, resolving conflicts, leading change, making unpopular decisions all come with the role as a manager. They aren’t always fun, but have to be done. You are constantly dealing with emotions, both yours and others, and it can be a heavy weight to carry. Learn to give empathy and how to separate certain emotions from the job.

8. Your Relationships Will Change: Assuming you got promoted from within, you’re now managing your co-workers, who are your friends. It might start off awkward at first, but take the challenge head on. The former vent sessions will turn into more formal one-on-ones. Things will feel and be different. First, think of yourself as your teammates’ “developer” and not “over” them. Then lay out what you expect from each other right away and give each other space to make the new relationship even stronger.

The key to becoming a great manager is the focus you put on your employees. If you can make them better, they will make you better. Becoming a manager will challenge your emotions and much more, but the impact you have on your organization will be immense.


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