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Emerging Leader Transformation Workshop

Want to attract and retain hard-working talent? Create an open and safe workplace culture? Scale your business by having the right people leading? Our two and one-half hour workshops provide leads, supervisors and managers with the skills needed to engage teams and to truly enjoy being a leader.

Each Workshop Includes our Managers Toolkit:

  • One-year access to on-line course that aligns with workshop

  • Workbook to refer to continually

  • On-the-job worksheets for practice

  • Reinforcement exercises through Vital Boost

  • Weekly emails with leadership tips

  • One-on-one coaching (additional fee)

Contact Margie Adams at 303-809-8093 or

1.   Communicate to Strengthen Relationships  - Prerequisite for Workshops 2-12

Utilize an empowering and dynamic communication process to increase team members' motivation and commitment.

2.    Engage Employees to Keep Them Longer Prerequisite for Workshops 3-12

Build and strengthen leadership skills by deploying a problem-solving method to empower others.

3.   Approach Upper Management With Confidence 

Use proven tactics to successfully communicate your ideas and needs with upper management.

4.   Delegate to Keep Your Employees Engaged and Motivated 

Understand the role of delegation and use this process to help your team members grow their skills and their careers.

5.   Set Team Performance Goals 

Collaborate with team members to create performance standards that align with your organization's strategy.

6.   Give Feedback That Gets Results

Use positive feedback to motivate team members to reach your department and organizational goals.

7.   Coach to Develop Skills and a Strong Team

Identify team member performance issues and deal with them quickly to improve individual and team performance and productivity.

8.   Help Employees Support Change 

Understand the phases of change, the common reactions to change and how to involve team members in new initiatives.

9.   Facilitate Complaint Resolution

Identify potential underlying issues and address complaints rather than ignoring them or dismissing them.

10. Turn Employees' Bad Work Habits Into Good Work Habits 

Distinguish between performance issues and poor work habits and develop skills to deal with them quickly.

11. Tackle Conflicts With Confidence 

Understand the impact that unresolved conflicts have on work, team members and the organization and develop strategies to address them effectively.

12.  Master the Stages of Employee Discipline

Follow a progressive disciplinary path that is consistent with your organization's policies.

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